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Manage Customer Reviews Review Management Dashboard

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AfterShip reviews is a one-stop solution for Shopify merchants that want positive and genuine reviews for their products. It lets you import the latest 100 reviews with 4- and 5-star ratings from AliExpress and 500 reviews from a CSV file. In addition, you collect customer feedback from review request emails and storefront as well.

Besides enabling you to enjoy the rain of reviews, AfterShip Reviews offers a powerful dashboard to facilitate review management.

Manage all your reviews effortlessly

Connect your store with AfterShip Reviews. Easily decide the reviews you want to publish on your store and which ones you wish to hide with an intuitive and interactive reviews management dashboard.

Go to the Reviews in the AfterShip Reviews admin > All reviews

All your published and unpublished reviews collected from various channels and sources will be listed there. You can perform individual and bulk actions to edit and publish as per requirements.

Easily check the latest reviews in a centralized format

Effortlessly publish/unpublish reviews gathered for different products

Give immediate response/reply to customer feedback

Edit, move or delete reviews swiftly

Use the checkbox to handle a multitude of reviews at once

Mark reviews as featured to always display them first

Set filters like Product name, Ratings, Status, Reply, Photos/Videos, Verification, and Source to fetch information you want

Use sorting options related to created time and star ratings to get your hands on the desired data

Enjoy quick results by simply entering product name, review content, or customer's email address in the search box

Comprehensive product dashboard

Go to the Reviews in the AfterShip Reviews admin > All products

➡️ Get a bird's eye view of all your store products

➡️ Find the product you are looking for with the help of instant search bar 

For enhanced visibility, each product will accompany the following key details:

Published: The number of published reviews that can be seen in your storefront.

Total reviews: The total number of reviews the product has received till now (including text, photo, and video reviews).

Average rating: The total number of 1,2,3,4 and 5-star ratings received divided by the number of possible ratings.

Actions: Click on the “View” button to see the imported reviews of individual products.

Individual product reviews page

Upon clicking on any product, one page will be opened up, where you will get complete review-related details like this:

Reviewer: The name of the customer and the country of origin

Content: It shows the actual text review a customer has given for the product

Publish: It indicates whether the product review is published in your store or not. To unpublish the review from your store, shift the toggle to the left or vice versa

Rating: The average rating the product has received

Actions: Reply, edit, share, mark reviews as featured, move, or delete reviews

Photos/Videos: The actual product images/videos uploaded by the reviewer

Date: The date on which the reviewer has given the review

Source: From where the review has been imported. For example: The “AliExpress” tag visible in the below-attached screenshot means that the review has been imported from AliExpress.

Verification: To sort reviews based on verification

More filters, search bar, and sorting fields are available to make the review management a breeze.

Supported plans

All the functions and features in the review management dashboard are available for Free, Essentials, Pro, and Enterprise plans users except for the Reply to customers feature, which is only available for Essentials, Pro, and Enterprise plans users.

Need help with review management? Say hello to our chat support team now.

Updated on: 17/07/2023

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