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How Does the ‘Write a review’ Button of Automizely Reviews Exactly Work?

Customers can make or break the brand at any time, thus it is imperative to be aware of their expectations and work accordingly. Both positive and negative reviews are crucial because they help you realize what makes your brand different from others and what it needs to improve.

With the help of Automizely Reviews, you can get customer reviews via AliExpress, CSV files, and review request emails. To boost the chances of gathering customer feedback, it can now show a ‘Write a review’ button on your online store.

Key details to keep in mind:

✍️ What your store visitors can do after clicking on the ‘Write a review’ button

Upon clicking the button, your store visitors will be asked a few details like name, email address, rating, feedback, etc.

They will have to write at least 10 characters to submit a review successfully. And they can go up to 2000 characters.

All the content fields are mandatory to be filled so that you have proper details to evaluate later on :)
Your store visitors can also upload images of the products that they have bought from you.

Maximum 6 images are allowed. The image field is optional. It means your customers will be able to give their feedback in case of no images.
By default, the star rating is set to 5, but customers will be able to change it as they like.

👨‍💻 What you should know as a merchant

All the reviews submitted by your store visitors won’t go live immediately. The reason behind this move is to prevent the uploading of negative reviews. In short, you’ll decide which customer reviews need to be visible on your store

In case you don’t know how to manage reviews, this help article will let you take a sigh of relief.
For every new review, you’ll get an email notification in the following template. It will keep you updated about the total number of new reviews :)

👀 Is that all?

Nope, you will be able to change the color, font, etc. of the button in the near future 🤟

In case you have any other questions, please connect with our support team now

Updated on: 12/08/2021

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