At present, building social proof is significant for customer base expansion, strong brand image, and persistent sales growth. And doing so isn’t tough because all you need is good product reviews on your online store.

Automizely Reviews helps to import product reviews in two ways:

Import reviews directly from AliExpress
Import reviews from a CSV file

Steps to import reviews from a CSV file

Download the CSV template

Fill in the review data according to the following instructions
Upload the file to Automizely Reviews and hit the ‘Import’ button.

Voila! It’s done 👍

Note: We will drop you an email containing the import summary, once your file gets uploaded successfully. It will give you insights into the number of reviews imported successfully and the number of failed reviews along with error details.

Instructions to fill the review data

Please do not rename or remove any of the column titles.
“Required” means you have to enter relevant data in that particular field.
In the CSV template, there’s a sample data row that you must remove before uploading the document.

In case you have no photo or video URL, create it by simply following these instructions:

Go to your Shopify store > Settings > Files
Upload the photo/ ".mp4" video
Then you will get the desired URL.

If you still have some questions regarding this, feel free to connect with our chat support team ✌️
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