Collecting customer feedback has always been a good business practice because it helps to improve the quality of products and support services. That’s why companies request customers for their feedback after every interaction.

Automizely Reviews helps you gather customer feedback by letting you send review request emails at the right time.

Please ensure that you're on the right plan because your emails won't be triggered if your email quota has already been exhausted. However, your saved emails will be in our system for 30 days before being removed permanently. Click here to check that you're using a plan that suits your business needs 😄
Important information to keep in mind while pushing review request emails with Automizely Reviews:

You can turn on/off auto review request emails at any time
You can send emails to customers {{N}} days after the order fulfillment date

Note: The value of N is set to 14 by default and can be increased up to 90.
Once you enable the feature, review request emails will be sent automatically for every new order. Keep in mind that emails will be pushed with the Default template

Note: Content customization with the respect to ‘Email subject,’ ‘Body text,’ ‘Submit review button text,’ etc. will be allowed in the near future.
How can I enable the feature of sending review request emails?

It’s super easy ✌️

Just follow these steps and start pushing review request emails right away:

Access your Automizely Reviews account by entering login credentials
Go to the ‘Review request emails’ option placed under the ‘Collect reviews’ tab
Once you click on the ‘Enabled’ button, provide relevant data in the fields of ‘Sender name,’ ‘Send from,’ and ‘Email trigger time’

When will customers receive the review request email?

Customers will receive review request emails as per your trigger time settings.

ICYMI: Review request emails will be pushed according to the order-fulfillment date. But our developers are working hard to ensure that you can send emails based on the delivery date in the near future.

How will the review request email look?

You can send a test email to yourself and verify the content very easily.

Here’s a sample:

When your customers click on the "Write a review" button in the email, they will be redirected to a new page where they can write their feedback and upload images.

Here’s an example of the ‘Collect review page’:

👉 Scenario 1: The reviewer clicks on 'Submit & Share Review' button

Upon clicking this button, reviewers will be able to submit a product review on your store and share it on supported social media platforms. They can even copy the link and share their review in their contact circle with the help of any other channel. In case you're running a referral program, they will receive a discount coupon based on your settings for their next purchase.

👉 Scenario 2: The reviewer clicks on 'Submit Review' button

Upon clicking this button, reviewers will be able to submit a product review on your store. In case you're running a referral program, a promotional message will encourage them to share their review to get a discount coupon code for their next purchase.

Once reviewers are done, a “Thank You” message will be shown like this:

How would I know that customers have shared their feedback?

Once a review gets collected, you will receive a notification email from this ID:

The best part is the notification email will contain two buttons: ‘Publish review’ and 'Reply to review'. If the customer has given you an awesome feedback, you share the review on Facebook and Twitter as well to strengthen your brand's image 🤟

Got some questions regarding this feature? Chat with our support team now 👍
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