Automizely reviews is a must-have AliExpress reviews importer app for Shopify merchants who are running their dropshipping business. With a single click of a button import the latest 20 4- and 5-star reviews from AliExpress to your store with the “Import Reviews” button.

Build strong social proof, attract more customers, and get more sales.

Manage your imported reviews

Automizely Reviews gives you all the control to display which reviews you want your customers to see and which ones you don’t. Our intuitive and interactive reviews management dashboard lets you view and handles all your imported AliExpress reviews in one place.

All your AliExpress imported reviews will be added automatically to Manage Reviews dashboard
You can click on the individual product links to see imported reviews of individual products

You can view the average product ratings for each product

You can view the number of text/photo reviews out of the total number of reviews for each product

To publish or unpublish reviews to or from your Shopify store shift the “Toggle” accordingly.

Moderate your reviews in one place

Connect your Shopify store to Automizely Reviews
Import product reviews from AliExpress to your Shopify store
From the Automizely reviews admin > Go to Manage reviews

Get a bird's eye view of all your store products imported from AliExpress
Find the product you are looking for with the help of the instant search bar
For enhanced visibility, each product will accompany the following key details,

Published: the number of published reviews that can be seen in your storefront.

Total reviews: the total number of reviews the product has received till now (including text and photo reviews).

Average rating: the total number of 1,2,3,4 and 5-star ratings received divided by the number of possible ratings.

Action: Click on the “View” button to see the imported reviews of the individual products.

Manage all your imported AliExpress reviews in one place

Individual Product Reviews Page

The individual product reviews page is a centralized location of each product of your store for which you have imported reviews from AliExpress.

See at a glance the following details of the imported reviews of this product, including:

Status: the status indicates whether the product review is published in your store or not. To unpublish the review from your store shift the toggle to the left, and to publish, on the right.

Rating: the average rating the product has received on AliExpress.

Content: represents the actual text review a customer has given for the product.

Photos: the actual product images uploaded by the reviewer.

Date: the date on which the reviewer has given the review.

Source: from where the review has been imported. “AliExpress” means the review is imported from AliExpress.

Manage imported AliExpress reviews for individual products
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