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How to Integrate Growave With AfterShip Reviews

Plans: Pro, Enterprise Platforms: Shopify


By integrating AfterShip Reviews with Growave, you can effortlessly implement a system where your customers receive points, discounts, or other rewards based on newly verified reviews and NPS-related events. These events will automatically trigger customized actions on Growave, ensuring seamless reward distribution.

Note: You need to be on Growave’s Enterprise or Custom plan to be able to integrate with AfterShip Reviews.

Steps to build a Growave connection with AfterShip Reviews

Please ensure that you have already created custom actions on Growave. Follow this help article for the step-by-step demonstration.

You can create custom actions whenever there is a new AfterShip review, or a new AfterShip NPS submitted.

Copy the action id (last part of the URL) from the URL for further connection settings. For example, in this case, the action id is 53013:

Now open the Growave integration page here and click Install app.
Select a Store URL, enter your Growave API key and Private API secret, and enter the action ids you copied during Step 3 above for Review and NPS (Optional).

Click Install app once done.
To check the integration status, you can visit the app page here.

If you have any queries, feel free to connect with our support team for quick assistance.

Updated on: 09/06/2023

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