Customer reviews have always played a significant role in building or demolishing any business, and that’s why brands put their best foot forward while working on their products or services. Unfortunately, some brands use paid reviews to establish themselves and destroy the competition.

With Automizely Reviews, you not only get reviews from your storefront, AliExpress, CSV files, and emails but can also handle unverified reviews effortlessly to safeguard your business’s integrity.

Steps to edit and move unverified reviews:

👉 Let’s edit first

Go to the ‘Manage reviews’ section of your Automizely Reviews account and choose any product

You will see all the reviews that the chosen product has got thus far, so choose the unverified reviews that you want to edit

Note that reviews with the verified tag cannot be edited, moved, or deleted.
Upon clicking on the review, you’ll see a small window on the right-hand side of your screen. Choose the ‘Edit’ option and start making the changes with respect to star ratings, uploaded images, content, etc.

Click on the ‘Save changes’ option to finish the editing process

👉 Let’s move the review now

In case you feel that some products have irrelevant reviews, which will make more sense for other products, then follow these steps:

Go to the ‘Manage reviews’ section and choose a product

Tap on the given checkbox and select all the reviews you want to be moved

Click on the ‘Move reviews’ option

Voilà! It’s done

In case you have any confusion regarding the aforementioned procedures, chat with our support team now
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