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How to Send Emails Manually to Collect Customer Reviews

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Collecting customer reviews is imperative for a social proof. However, not all customers share their experience with the product after receiving it, thereby contacting them again gets necessary for online store owners.

With AfterShip Reviews, you can send emails manually to reach those customers, who haven’t shared their review yet.

Send emails manually

Go to Email history in your AfterShip Reviews admin

Click on Send emails manually in the upper-right-hand corner

Scenario 1: You want to send an email to a single recipient

You will see 4 vacant fields in which 3 are mandatory to fill.

Mandatory Fields:

Customer name: Mention the recipient name here
Customer email: Provide the email address on which you want your email to be sent
Select products: Choose the product/s for which you want to collect reviews

Optional Field:

Order number: You will have to enter the correct value if your review request email template looks something like this:

Order number is optional as long as you’ve not used *|ORDER_NUMBER|* (it's a merge tag) in your review request email template.

➡️ Scenario 2: You want to send an email to multiple recipients

If you want to drop a review request email to maximum customers, make sure you download the CSV template and fill it in properly.

The CSV file will be uploaded successfully only if your entries are within 500 rows (maximum limit).

The CSV template comprises 9 columns. The first 3 columns are ‘Customer name,’ ‘Customer email,’ and ‘Order number’, while the remaining ones are for ‘Product handle.’

The initial 3 columns are self-explanatory, so provide required details meticulously. Remember that the entry for the Order number column is only mandatory if you have used its merge tag in your review request email template.

As far as the product handle is concerned, it’s nothing but the last part of your product URL. Let’s consider this link, the product URL you need to mention in the CSV template is brown-orange-traditional-handmade-ceramic-vase. For more clarity, check this image:

Tips to recognize the product URL:

Always copy the URL part that starts after products/
In case the URL consists of multiple variables, only copy the part between products/ and ?

When will my emails be sent?

After receiving your request to send emails manually, we will schedule them immediately and start sending one by one. You will see the status of ‘Sending’ under the ‘Scheduled’ tab.

Note: The status of emails will be changed from Sending to Sent after 1 day

In case there’s an error in any row of your submitted CSV file, the email won’t be triggered for customers mentioned in mistaken rows. So, enter info carefully in the CSV template for seamless experience.

Got some questions for us? Our chat support team would like to answer them.

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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