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Customize Review Request Emails

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With AfterShip Reviews, you can send customized review request emails, which not only facilitates customer feedback collection but also sends a signal that your brand strives to build awesome shopping experiences.

Note: Please ensure that you're on the right plan because your emails with sufficient quota to continue sending emails without interruption. In the absence sufficient quota, your saved emails will be in our system for 30 days before being removed permanently.

Steps to customize review request emails:

Go to Email settings in your AfterShip Reviews admin

Click Customize to open the email template editor

You will see three tabs: Settings, Content, and Styles to customize the email template as per your brand voice and style

1. Settings

In the Settings tab, four fields are customization options are available, including Initial Email Timing trigger, Subject, Reminder email, Subject, Exclusion rules, Sender info, and AfterShip branding.

➡️ Initial email trigger timing

Make sure you set the trigger time for both order fulfillment and delivery correctly because sending review request emails too late won’t help your cause.

In case you don’t know how exactly the whole process works, check out this help article.

➡️ Subject

Maximum 78 characters are allowed
Emoticons can be added for more personalization
Merge tags can be included as well from the dropdown menu. The supported merge tags are, Order number, Customer name, Store name, and Store URL.

➡️ Reminder email trigger timing

Select the checkbox to activate reminder email after the initial email request to customers who didn't submit a review
Configure the trigger time to send the reminder email after the initial email request
Edit the subject line, if required

➡️ Exclusion rules

Exclude specific orders, products, and customers from review requests. Here's the complete guide to set up exclusion rules.

➡️ Sender info

The review request emails will be triggered from the default email ID:

In case you want to push emails from your business or any other email ID, get your domain verified first.

➡️ AfterShip branding

The Powered by AfterShip tag will be added to review request emails by default, given the fact that it is a core feature of AfterShip Reviews. However, if you want to remove the AfterShip branding, connect with our support team and share your concerns.

2. Content

The content tab comprises four fields: Header, Text, Product Items, Image with text, and Footer.

These fields let you develop attention-grabbing email content that will leave customers impressed for sure.

➡️ Header

In this section, you can add your brand logo and put an eye-catching image to make your review emails more appealing. Plus, you can add dedicated URLs for both to increase the probability of getting more traffic to your store.

In case your brand logo isn’t ready yet, simply mention your store name in the email.

➡️ Text

If you want to use other languages than English, simply write in that particular language.

It consists of two sections:

Header: You can add merge tags and emojis here. But keep one thing in mind that a maximum of 80 characters is allowed, including spaces and symbols.

Description: Merge tags and emojis are allowed here as well. And the character limit is 5000 (including spaces and symbols).

➡️ Product review

Configure how the customers will review a product. You can choose either of the options

Review request email: Review first product in the email. After reviewing the first product in the email, customers are taken to your online review page to review the rest.

Review online: All products are shown in the email. But customers are taken to your online review page when they click to review.

➡️ Image with text

If you're willing to offer a discount coupon in the exchange of a product review, this content block is ideal.

It comprises 4 sections: Image, Text, Button, and Style


You can upload an image (below 2 MB) in these formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png
Adjust image's width
Decide where you want recipients to be redirected when they click on the image by simply tapping on the radio button given for “Write a review” page or input a your preferred URL.


Mention what your offer is all about by entering content in the Header and Description fields. You can also merge tags and emoticons.

Values for *|ADVOCATE_DISCOUNT|* and *|REFERRAL_DISCOUNT|* merge tags will be the ones that you've defined in your referral program

Remove all merge tags related to your referral program and other promotion-related content from your review request email template in case you have disabled your referral program


Give your CTA button a name and also decide whether you want recipients to land on “Write a review” page or any other specific URL.


Choose the color that you want to add as a background.

Here, you can add the address of your company or some other valuable information to stop your emails from being marked as spam. A maximum of 200 characters is allowed, including spaces and symbols.

3. Styles Tab

Choose the desired font and define colors with respect to the text, buttons, star ratings, header, and footer.

Send yourself a test email to ensure that all settings are done correctly. After checking it properly, hit the Save button.

In case you still need help, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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