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Configure Language Settings for Review Widgets and Review Request Emails

Platforms: Shopify


With AfterShip Reviews, you can change the language of the review widgets based on your locale. And when shoppers see the review section along with the Write a review button in their native language, they are likely to share their buying experience and also stick with your brand in the long run.

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we'll discuss:
How to change the Review Widget's default language
How to set up multi-language review widgets and review request emails

How to change the Review Widget's default language

Plans: All plans

You can confirm your Shopify language setting here: Shopify admin > Settings > Languages

For stores with a single published language:
Your default language is the language all customers see on the review widget and receive in the review request email.

For stores with multiple published languages:
The review widget and review request email adapt to your customer's chosen language.

If the chosen language isn't available in AfterShip Reviews, your default language will be applied.

To change the default language:

Log into your AfterShip Reviews account
Navigate to Settings > Languages
Ensure your desired language is in your language list; if not, add it from Add language

Now click the Change default language button, choose your desired language, and click Confirm

How to set up multi-language review widgets and review request emails

Plans: Essentials, Pro, Premium, Enterprise

You can add multiple languages to your languages list by simply clicking Add language

Each language you added to your languages list will have a status:

Published means the language can be used on your review widgets and the corresponding review request email template will be sent to related customers as well.
Unpublished means the language won’t show on your review widgets and the corresponding review request email template won’t be used.

Note: The default language will be Published automatically when you set it as the default and every newly added language will be in Unpublished status by default.

To publish multiple languages, click “…” and change the status of each language

Once you have multiple published languages, we will check your customer’s current chosen language and show the corresponding version of review widgets and review request emails

If your customer's chosen language is not available in your AfterShip Reviews language list, the system seamlessly defaults to presenting the review widgets and review request emails in your chosen default language.

Within the review request email editor, you'll find a convenient drop-down list containing all your available languages.

You can switch to another language’s template to translate and update it by yourself. our system will auto-translate all constant words, such as, “unsubscribe,” ensuring a streamlined and efficient customization process.

Languages supported:

Currently, we support 28 languages including English, Portuguese (Português), French (Français), Spanish (Español), German (Deutsch), Swedish (Svenska), Italian (Italiano), Japanese (日本語), Turkish (Türkçe), Chinese (中文), Dutch (Nederlands), Norwegian (Norsk), Korean (한국어), Czech (čeština), Greek (Ελληνικά), Polish (Polski), Lithuanian (lietuvių), Hungarian (Magyar), Croatian (Hrvatski), Traditional Chinese (繁體中文), Romanian (Română), Latvian (Latviešu valoda), Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil), Danish (dansk), Hebrew (עִברִית), Estonian (eesti keel), Slovenian (Slovenščina), Slovak (Slovenský).

Note: If you wish to have additional languages supported, kindly reach out to our 24/7 support team.

Your changes will be applied to these 3 places:

1. Review widgets

2. Write a Review form

3. Review request email

Updated on: 08/12/2023

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