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How to Use the Featured Review Widget

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Showing the best reviews on your store is the best way to highlight the positive experience that shoppers have got so far with your brand. It instills confidence in prospects while buying.

With AfterShip Reviews, you can add a featured review widget to your Shopify store with the utmost ease.

What you’ll learn

In this article, we will show you:

Enable the featured review widget
Customize the featured review widget

Go to the Display widgets in your your AfterShip Reviews admin
Navigate to Featured review

Shift the toggle to the right to turn to activate the featured review widget
Go to the All reviews and select the reviews you want to Mark as featured

Navigate to Featured review page and click Customize

You will see two sections: Settings and Style


Under settings you get 4 sub-settings to optimize your featured reviews widget

Featured reviews: To add more reviews to the featured list or remove some from the list, click Manage featured reviews.
You will be directed to the All reviews dashboard.
Widget title: Give the featured review widget a title which will be displayed to the customers on your website. The maximum character limit is 30.
Display rules: Specify what information you want to show on the featured reviews widget. All you need to do is to click on the given checkboxes.
To edit the Reviewer name, you will be taken to the Review widget editor where under Content settings, you can modify the Review content.
Pages: Choose pages where you want to place the featured review widget. It will appear at the bottom of the page by default.


Display: Specify which font you want to use for the title of the featured review widget, its body content, and the button
To keep the font as the rest of the Shopify theme, select the checkbox for Follow theme font
Colors: Choose colors with respect to Widgets, Verified Badge, and Button
Hit Save button to apply the changes in real-time

After enabling this widget on AfterShip Reviews admin, we will add this widget to the bottom of the selected pages automatically

If the widget is not auto-inserted, you can insert it by yourself using the Shopify theme editor
You could also adjust the position and width using the Shopify theme editor
a. Section name: AS Featured Review Widget
If your theme doesn’t allow you to adjust the sections or you want to insert it to other pages, please use the following code block in your theme files:

<div id="automizely_reviews_featured-review--production"></div>

Check this help article if you have created a new draft theme and can't find the AS featured review widget option.


Upon enabling the featured review widget, we add it to the bottom of the selected pages automatically. However, if you want to adjust its position, here’s what you need to do:

Scenario 1: Your Shopify theme lets you adjust sections

Simply, go to your theme editor page to drag and drop the section named AS Featured Review Widget to adjust the position of the featured review widget. You can even set the desired width by tapping on the section to see the option

Scenario 2: Your Shopify theme doesn’t let you adjust sections

Go to the Themes section of your Shopify store > click on Actions and choose Edit code from the dropdown menu

For collection page:

Now, look for this code `<div id="automizely_reviews_featured-review--production"></div>` in these theme files: Sections/collection-template.liquid and Templates/collection.liquid
After finding the code block, make sure you move it to the preferred location

For home page:

You need to search the code block in this theme file: Templates/index.liquid
Once you find the code block, move it to your preferred location

In case you need any help, contact our chat support team

Updated on: 01/08/2023

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