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Send Automated Reminder NPS Emails

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Even after you have built a perfect, on-brand, and engaging NPS email campaign, you still might see low open and response rates. Only some people have the time or willingness to complete the NPS survey right away, and even if they intend to complete it at some point in the future, they might lose the notification in their inbox or forget about it over time.

AfterShip Reviews reminder email feature allows you to schedule reminder NPS emails after the initial request for feedback to customers who didn’t fill out the survey.

In this article, we will show you:

Set up and schedule reminder NPS emails
NPS email history
NPS reminder email analytics

Set up and schedule reminder NPS emails

Go to NPS email settings under the Net Promoter Score section in the AfterShip Reviews admin

Click Customize to access the existing template of your NPS email

Move to the Settings tab. Apart from Initial Email and Sender email settings, now you can see Reminder email settings

Tick the checkbox for Send reminder email to activate it

Under the Timing trigger, input the day(s) after the initial NPS email notification you would like to send the reminder email

Edit the subject line and insert merge tags, if required

Edit the Sender info if you wish to.

You can’t input separate sender settings for reminder emails

On the right-hand side, preview the final email and hit Save

On the NPS email settings home page, you will see the confirmation message of when an initial NPS email and reminder email are scheduled to be sent to customers

Click Change if you wish to edit the trigger settings

NPS email history

You can track the performance of your NPS reminder emails by visiting the NPS email history section in the admin under the Net Promoter Score section

The total sent data on the Overview dashboard reflects the total number of initial NPS and reminder emails sent

The open rate data also showcases the total number of initial NPS as well as reminder emails opened by the customers

The total number of responses too displays the total number of initial NPS as well as reminder emails to which customers have left a review

Under the Sent and Schedule tab, you can differentiate the NPS initial and reminder emails with the help of the Trigger tags

a. Initial NPS emails will be labeled as Auto-initial

b. Reminder NPS emails will be labeled as Auto-reminder

NPS reminder email analytics

Email analytics Overview dashboard displays the combined data of review requests as well as NPS emails

Below the Overview dashboard, detailed analytics for both email campaigns can be tracked

NPS email funnel displayes the Sent, Delivered, Open rate, and Conversion rate data for both the initial NPS emails and reminder emails

The NPS email performance over time chart also showcases the pattern of how initial NPS emails and reminder emails have performed over time

a. The bar chart shows the sent rate over time

b. The line chart shows the open and conversion rate over time

You can filter and sort to either only view Automatic Initial or Reminder email data or Manually sent email data by selecting the right filter under Type

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Updated on: 28/03/2024

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