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How to Know Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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Knowing how much customers love your brand is important, which is why calculating NPS is imperative. With AfterShip Reviews, you can easily request customers to rate your brand on a scale of 10.

Promoters (Score: 9-10): Customers love your brand and can refer it to others

Passives (Score: 7-8): Customers are satisfied with your brand, but they can explore competitive offerings

Detractors (Score: 0-6): Customers aren’t satisfied with your brand and can damage your brand’s image by spreading negative word-of-mouth

This help guide has all the information you need to know to send NPS emails.

NPS emails are only supported in English

Case 1: Send automated NPS emails

Go to Net Promoter Score in the AfterShip Reviews admin

Switch to NPS email settings

Click Customize to create an email template for your automated NPS emails

In the NPS email settings, there are two triggers available: After order delivery and After order fulfillment

Additional considerations

To use the first trigger, i.e. After order delivery, you must install AfterShip Reviews and AfterShip under the same organization

It’s important because your NPS email will be auto-triggered when the order is marked Delivered in AfterShip Tracking.

If your AfterShip subscription expires at any point in time, NPS emails will be triggered based on the configured order fulfillment settings (fallback settings).

After being done with NPS email settings, make changes for Content and Style tabs to finalize your email template

Turn on the Automated NPS emails toggle button

Case 2: Send NPS emails manually

Go to Net Promoter Score in the AfterShip Reviews admin

Switch to NPS email history

Click Send emails manually

Scenario 1: You want to send an email to a single recipient

You will see 3 vacant fields, out of which 2 are mandatory to fill.

Mandatory Fields:

1. Customer name: Mention the recipient name here
2. Customer email: Provide the email address on which you want your email to be sent

Optional Field:

Order number is optional as long as you’ve not used |ORDER_NUMBER|, a merge tag in your NPS email template.

1. Order number: Enter the correct value if your NPS email template looks something like this:

Scenario 2: You want to send an email to multiple recipients

If you want to drop a NPS email to maximum customers, make sure you download the CSV template and fill in the required details properly.

The CSV file will be uploaded successfully only if your entries are within 500 rows (maximum limit).

The CSV template has 3 columns: Customer name, Customer email, and Order number. The entry for the Order number column is only mandatory if you have used its merge tag in your NPS email template.


1. When will my manual emails be sent?

After receiving your request to send emails manually, we will schedule them immediately and start sending them one by one. You will see the status of ‘Sending’ under the ‘Scheduled’ tab.

Note: The status of emails will be changed from ‘Sending’ to ‘Sent’ after 1 day

In case there’s an error in any row of your submitted CSV file, the email won’t be triggered for if the fields aren't filled as per the required format. So, enter info carefully in the CSV template for a seamless experience.

2. How can I learn about my average NPS?

Just click Your NPS to learn about your net promoter score. We calculate NPS using this formula:

3. What should I know about email history?

Click NPS email history to see well-segregated data like this:

Sent: It depicts the total number of emails sent

Opened: It depicts the percentage of customers who have opened your NPS emails

Responses: It signifies the percentage of customers who have rated their shopping experience

4. Is there anything I should know regarding Scheduled and Sent tabs?

Yes, there are a few key details that you should know:

1. Scheduled Tab:

Once you enable the NPS email feature, we will automatically schedule emails for all the new orders based on your settings.

It contains details like order number, status, customer email, scheduled time, and trigger type.

This tab is only meant to display scheduled emails. It means this tab will be cleared as soon as each NPS email is sent.

In case you disable the NPS email feature, emails present in the scheduled tab will automatically be discarded at once.

2. Sent Tab:

Once an NPS email gets triggered, it will disappear from the Scheduled tab and show up in the Sent Tab immediately.

It contains details like order number, status, customer email, sent time, and trigger type.

For questions, get in touch with our support team.

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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