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Set up Referral Campaigns to Boost Reviews Sharing

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AfterShip Reviews enables you to run a referral program to encourage happy customers to share positive reviews on social media platforms and incentivize them with discounts.

What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we will show you:

Set up referral campaign

Set up referral campaign

Referral campaigns will allow brand advocates to share reviews on Facebook and Twitter only.

Go to Referrals in the AfterShip Reviews admin

Move to Discounts and set the status of Referral discounts to Enabled

Complete the two-step procedure to activate auto-discounts for

a. Advocates: Customers who are leaving reviews and sharing them on social media with friends

b. Referred friends: People who are motivated to place an order from your store after visiting your store via the review shared by advocate on social media

Choose the Discount type for your referrers (advocates) and referees (referred friends) from the given options: Fixed amount, Percentage off, and Free shipping

Scenario 1: You've selected either ‘Fixed amount’ or ‘Percentage off’

If you have chosen any of these discount types for both advocates and referred friends

Define the discount value

Offer discount based on the cart value by selecting the checkbox for This discount requires a minimum order subtotal and adding your preferred value

Input the expiration date for the discount by selecting the checkbox for Discount will expire after and adding your preferred value

Switch between Incentivize to share and Get discount tabs to preview what will be displayed to the customers

Scenario 2: You've selected ‘Free shipping’

If you have selected the ‘Free shipping’ discount type for both referrer and referee, the delivery charges will be waived for both upon successful purchase.

You get one extra condition to choose from in this discount type as compared to the aforementioned ones. Here's what each condition mean:

Exclude shipping fee over a certain amount: After choosing this option, you will have to define a shipping amount. Now, if the shopper has order delivery charges lower than your defined value, the shipping amount will be exempted upon applying the coupon or vice versa

This discount requires a minimum order subtotal: The coupon holder has to ensure that his/her cart value match the minimum order subtotal in order to be eligible for the free shipping

Discount will expire after: The coupon won’t work if the referrer or referee tries to place an order after the number of days that you’ve specified as the stipulated time

Hit the Save button to make your referral campaign active

Customer experience

1. For Brand Advocates:

They will get a coupon as soon as they share a review on any supported social media platform. In addition, we will drop them an email as well so that they can use the discount coupon later on if they want to. Here's how our email notification will look like:

2. For Prospects:

As soon as the social media friend of a brand advocate clicks on the shared review, he/she will be redirected to the product page, where a popup will appear and reveal the discount coupon to drive a quick purchase decision.

In case you’ve any questions, shoot them in our chatbox right now 👍

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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