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Customize Reviewer's Default Social Sharing Post Content

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Social networking sites are the place where businesses find their target audience easily. Therefore, they invest in paid advertisements for customer acquisition and engage with followers to build a strong brand image and secure good reviews.

With AfterShip Reviews, you can provide default content to reviewers so that they can easily share their feedback on Facebook and Twitter.

Steps to provide default social sharing post content

Go to Referrals in the AfterShip Reviews admin

Move to Social sharing

Click Enabled to activate social sharing display and customized content for reviews

Under the Text tab, you will see the default content for Facebook and Twitter for reviewers when they choose to share the review.

Modify the content as per your requirements
Embed hashtags to expand the reach of the post
Use available merge tags: Store name, Store URL, Review content, and Product name to auto-populate valuable information
Switch between the preview tabs to check social sharing content for each

The maximum character limit for Facebook and Twitter is 2000 and 100 respectively.

Hit Save

In case you experience an unexpected error, do let our chat support team know about it.

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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