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Learn More About Reviews Syndication

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AfterShip Reviews’s Review Syndication feature is designed to help multiple store owners who sell the same product collection across all their stores sync customer reviews between their stores. The process works efficiently even if the reviews for the same products are collected from different sources provided the similar products have the same SKU and variants.

For example, if there are 1,2, and 3 reviews for Product A in Store X and there are 4 and 5 reviews for the same Product A in Store Y, the Review syndication feature will help sync 1,2,3 to Store Y and 4 and 5 to Store X to align 1,2,3,4 and 5 reviews for Product A in both Stores X and Y.

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we will discuss:

Create a new store group
Join existing store group
How does the review syndication work

Access reviews syndication

Go to Settings in your AfterShip Reviews admin
Click on Reviews syndication

Now, to map product reviews across stores, it is required first to create a group of those stores to map.

A. Create a new store group

If you are using the feature for the first time, you need to create a group to club together stores you need to map reviews across.

Go to Reviews syndication in one of your store’s AfterShip Reviews admin portals

Click Create new group. Upon the group creation, a Group token ID will be generated and your store’s name, say Store A, will be mentioned under the list of Stores in the group.

B. Join existing store group

A group token ID acts as a link for other stores you own to join the group you created.

Copy the token ID from Store A’s AfterShip Reviews admin portal and share it with the other store’s members or do it yourself, if you are handling all the stores yourself
Log in to Store B’s AfterShip Reviews admin portal, go to Reviews syndication, paste the token ID in the Enter store group token, and click Join group

Once you’ve joined the existing group, both stores A and B will be listed under the Stores in the group list

You can share the group token ID with all the stores you want to add to the targeted group

C. How does the reviews sync work once stores are added to the group

The reviews from all the stores in the group will be synced for the products that share the same SKU. The synced reviews will be displayed on the review widget and review side tab.

The synced reviews will also be factored into calculating the star ratings for each product in the store.

The synced reviews will not be imported to the AfterShip Reviews admin portal and will not affect any other third-party integrations.

Google Snippet and Google Shopping feed will not include the reviews synced from other stores.


1. What kind of reviews will be synced?

All your product reviews including text, photo, and video, will be synced, irrespective of the review sources and review verification status.
All the reviews will keep their original status, verification status, reply, and thumb data and can be shown or acted on in other stores.

2. How are the products mapped across stores?

The products are mapped across stores (included in the store group) using the product SKUs and handles.

Product SKUs and variants hold prevalence over the product handles. The product's handle will take precedence if the product SKUs and variants do not match.
The products will be mapped across stores only once.

If your products from store A and store B have identical variants and related SKUs, they will be mapped and will be able to sync reviews for each other. For example:

If your products from store A and store B have identical product handles, they will be mapped and will be able to sync reviews for each other, if the SKUs and variants do not match. For example:

3. What will happen if one of my stores leaves the store group?

That store’s reviews (including historical reviews) review sync will stop immediately
That store’s previously synced reviews from other stores won’t show anymore
Other stores in the original store group will continue tosync reviews from each other as before

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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