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Respond to Customers’ Reviews for Strengthened Brand Image

After doing business with your brand, shoppers often let their pleasure or dissatisfaction be known by writing a review. And it’s your responsibility to appreciate the positive feedback at the right time and reveal improvement plans for the negative ones.

Automizely Reviews, besides letting you delete or move unverified reviews, allows you to be responsive towards customers’ reviews. It not only promises long-lasting customer relationships but also solidifies your brand’s image in the market.

👨‍💻 Steps to reply to your customers’ reviews

Maximum 2000 characters are allowed while replying to customer reviews.
Go to the ‘Manage reviews’ section of your Automizely Reviews account and choose any product to see all the customer reviews it has collected so far

Now, you have two methods to reply to customers’ reviews:

➡️ Method 1

Simply click on the ‘Reply’ button mentioned under the ‘Actions’ tab to respond to any particular review.

➡️ Method 2

Select any review and tap on it

You will see a small window, which gives you the ‘Reply to review’ option. Click on it and start writing your message

Yeah, yeah, we know method 1 is more convenient. But we offer two methods to keep the customer experience high

👀 Is it possible to edit the published reply?

We do understand that typos happen or better response ideas come later in mind, therefore we let users edit their published reply to build a better brand experience and avoid unnecessary quarrels 🤟

Here’s how you can do it:

🙄 Is there any key information I should know?

Yes, we send email notifications when you reply to a verified review for strengthened customer relationships and a better brand impression. However, you can uncheck the ‘Notify your customer by email' box to prohibit email notifications.

😬 How does automated email notification look?

Your verified reviewers will get email notifications in this kind of template:

Facing trouble while replying to customer reviews? Get help from our chat support team now 👍

Updated on: 12/08/2021

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