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Instill Confidence in Store Visitors for Better Sales Growth With a Review Sidebar Button

Customer reviews have always been crucial from a business point of view because they not only speak volumes about your brand’s credibility but also give confidence to prospects to make their first purchase from your store.

Automizely Reviews, besides making customer feedback collection easier, lets you set a review sidebar on the homepage, product page, and collection page of your Shopify store. It helps store visitors to check what kind of experience shoppers generally get after doing business with you.

👨‍💻 Steps to enable review sidebar for your Shopify store

Note that the review sidebar will be visible on all pages, except for the checkout page. The reason for this is to let shoppers make a quick purchase decision ✌️
Go to the ‘Display widgets’ section and choose its 2nd option of ‘Review side tab’

Turn on the toggle button to make the review sidebar visible on your Shopify store

Yep, it’s that easy 🤟

Now, your store visitors will see the best reviews when they click on the review sidebar.

The best part is product links will be shown as well for each published review so that prospects can check out your offerings instantly. Besides promising an awesome store experience, it will boost the sales of your products significantly ✌️

In case you seek help regarding this feature or any other, feel free to contact our chat support team

Updated on: 18/10/2021

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