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How to Use Featured Reviews to Leave Store Visitors Impressed?

Showing featured reviews is one of the most effective ways to drive faster conversions. They instill confidence in prospects and tempt them to buy from your store.

Automizely Reviews lets you mark the most cherished customer feedback as featured reviews so that potential shoppers can learn about your brand's credibility and plus points.

Go to your Automizely Reviews account’s ‘Manage reviews’ section > Click on ‘All reviews’ if you want to make random selection or go for ‘All products’ in case you have reviews of particular products in your mind

Once you get to the reviews page, click on the three vertical dots and select the ‘Mark as featured’ option

It’s done

✍️Key Tips:

Bulk action

If you want to have multiple featured reviews, it’s better to perform bulk action to save your precious time. Just select the reviews you want to mark as featured ones and then click on ‘More actions’. After that, select the second option. For example:

Filters for clarity

In case you’ve marked multiple reviews as featured ones and want to check all of them at once, explore the given filters. Just go to ‘All reviews’ and then click on ‘More filters’.

Now, select the last filter, i.e. ‘Featured’ and decide which reviews you want to see. Hit the ‘Done’ button to get the desired results.

In case you have any questions on featured reviews, our chat support team would love to give you satisfactory answers

Updated on: 23/11/2021

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