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How to Schedule Review Request Emails Based on Order Delivery?

We cannot stress enough how crucial customer reviews are in building your brand credibility and pushing the bandwagon of your store conversions. Peer opinion is what drives customers to take the final step to trust your brand and make the purchase. But, only collecting reviews will not drive your store to success.

Then, what will?

Collecting positive feedback at the right time undeniably reflecting the happy experiences of your customers is what will take your brand to the next level.

Please ensure that you're on the right plan because your emails won't be triggered if your email quota has already been exhausted. However, your saved emails will be in our system for 30 days before being removed permanently. Click here to check that you're using a plan that suits your business needs 😄

Optimize Review Generation with Review Request Emails After Order Delivery

Automizely Reviews enables users to strengthen their review collection conversions by allowing them to schedule and send review collection emails at the right time and right stage of the customer journey.

Merchants can trigger emails based on,
Order fulfillment - {{ N }} days after the order fulfillment date
Order delivery - {{ N }} days after the order delivery date

Eligibility Criteria for Scheduling Reviews Request Emails Based on Order Delivery

A merchant must have both Automizely Reviews and AfterShip installed for the same organization

The merchant organization must be on an active AfterShip subscription including the free trial.

What will happen if a merchant does not have AfterShip installed for his store?

If a merchant doesn’t have an active AfterShip subscription, he will be asked to first install the tracking app to configure and send review request emails based on order delivery.

A merchant will see this error message,


Automizely Reviews works in tandem with AfterShip to get the tracking updates. A review invite will only be triggered when the order is marked as “Delivered” on AfterShip based on the target settings.

What will happen if a merchant’s AfterShip subscription has ended?

If a merchant’s subscription plan has expired, he will be asked to first upgrade his AfterShip subscription to enable the review request email after the order is delivered to his customers.

A merchant will see this error message,

What will happen if a merchant has already scheduled the email and the AfterShip subscription ends midway?

As we have mentioned before also, Automizely Reviews fetches tracking updates from AfterShip. The review request email will be triggered once the order is marked “Delivered” on AfterShip.

If a merchant’s AfterShip subscription expires, automatically tracking updates won’t be fetched by Automizely Reviews. In that case, the review request emails will be triggered based on the configured order fulfillment settings (fallback settings), i.e, the emails will be sent after the customer order is fulfilled.

How can you enable “Review Request Emails Based on Order Delivery” in Automizely Reviews?

Super easy!

Go to your Automizely Reviews Account.
Navigate to the “Review Request Emails” tab on the menu and hit enable.
Configure the email address and sender name for the review email invitations.
Set email trigger time when the customer will receive the review invite once their order is marked delivered in AfterShip. You can set the number of days after the order is 5. delivered when the review invite will be sent.
Test how the final email will look before saving the settings.

Updated on: 28/03/2022

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