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How to Offer a Discount Code to Reviewers Coming Directly to My Shopify Store?

Telling how good your products are in a non-promotional manner could be tricky unless you encourage your regular customers to do it for you.

Automizely Reviews lets you add a share button on the storefront so that reviewers share their feedback further to get a discount code.

➡️ Steps to add a share button

Reviewers will get a discount code only once, no matter how many reviews they share. Also, a discount code will be provided whether shoppers share their existing review or write a new one to share.
Go to ‘Display settings’ of your Automizely Reviews account and then click on ‘Review and star ratings'

Tap on the checkbox given for the ‘Share button’ option

Voilà! It’s done.

Now, reviewers will see the sharing option on the storefront and get a discount code based on your referral program settings for advocates.

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Updated on: 27/01/2022

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