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How to Integrate Automizely Reviews With Google Shopping?

Google is the first choice of masses when it comes to searching some authentic information, reading news, downloading images/videos, or needing shopping recommendations. You can leverage this search engine platform to increase the reach of your products.

You can integrate Automizely Reviews with Google Shopping effortlessly. Here’s what needs to be done:

✅ Adhere to Google’s product listing policies

Your store must have 50 reviews at least
Sync all your reviews with Google (including ones with low ratings)
The review content shouldn’t be ​​offensive, spammy, etc.
You must collect and own the reviews you share with Google

To meet these requirements, Automizely Reviews syncs all published reviews with Google Shopping. We recommend publishing all reviews and replying to the negative ones for a better conversion rate.

⚠️ Google will check your reviews and may reject the integration at their sole discretion. Click here to check Google's Product Rating policies.

👨‍💻 Make required changes in Google Merchant Center

Log into your Google Merchant Center account. In case you don't have an account, create one here

Apply for the product ratings feed integration by filling the Google's Product Ratings Interest Form as shown below:

After receiving the form from your side, Google will inform you about your request via email. In case of an affirmative response, the "Product reviews" section in Google Merchant Center will be available for you to set up. The status will automatically change from inactive to live. It should be like this:

In the event of a negative/no response/unchanged status, you can either reapply the form or contact the Google support team to learn about the obstruction.

After being eligible for the product ratings program, upload your ratings feed to Google Merchant Center.

It’s important to ensure that Google matches the right reviews with the right products, therefore information for your products feed (Google channel or other third-party apps) and product ratings feed (Automizely Reviews) must be identical.
To ensure that Automizely Reviews reports the correct identifiers, follow these steps below:

Find the product information reported to Google: Go to the "Products" tab of your Google Merchant Center account and choose "All products" > Tap on any product and scroll to the "Final attributes" section to see all the information you’ve reported for a product

Visit the “Google Integrations" page of your Automizely Reviews account and turn on the toggle button given for Google Shopping

Define the settings based on your Google Shopping product information. Select at least one of the identifiers or prefix to let us sync reviews with your products

Click here to learn about GTIN and MPN identifiers
In case you are using the Google channel app, select the "Product prefix" matching “Target country” settings of your Google Channel account

Now, copy the feed file link and perform these actions to paste it appropriately

Go to your Merchant Center account and then navigate to the “Marketing” tab
Choose the second option, i.e. “Product reviews”
Click on the "Product reviews feeds" to open the ‘Feeds’ page

Tap on the plus (+) icon and complete two easy steps:

➡️ Step 1: Give your feed a name and tap on the radio button given for the ‘Schedule fetch’ > Click on ‘Continue’

➡️ Step 2: Enter details like ‘File name,’ ‘Fetch frequency,’ ‘Fetch time,’ and ‘Time zone’ and then paste the copied URL in the ‘File URL’ field > Click on ‘Create feed’ to finish the process

Note: It takes around 2 to 4 weeks for your reviews to go live. If nothing happens after this period, please contact the Google support team to discuss what went wrong.

In case of any confusion, please get clarity from our chat support team

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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