Want to display the AliExpress customer reviews in a compelling manner?

Activate the review widget in Automizely Reviews to show customer review text on Shopify and Shopify plus product pages. To hide the product ratings, simply deactivate the widget. 

➡️ Activate the review widget

Log in to your Automizely Reviews account.
From the admin, go to "Display widgets" > Enable the review widget.

Once enabled, the customer reviews will start displaying at your Shopify product listing and product pages.

➡️ Choose the widget layout

You get two options in terms of widget layout: 'Block' and 'List'
Choose the one that compliments the appearance of your store

Seeking a suggestion? We recommend 'Block' layout when Shopify users have less number of reviews, while 'List' one would be more suitable if you have so many product reviews.

➡️ Customize the review widget

Change the look and feel of your review widget to match your store's branding on these quick and easy steps.

Log in to your Automizely Reviews account.
From the admin, go to "Display widgets" > Enable the review widget.
Edit the review widget with the customization options provided.

👉 Font : Change the font that best matches your theme.

Note: You can chat with our support team if you cannot find the font you want.
👉 Colors : Customize your review widgets colors to make them more visually appealing, including:

Star color: Change the color of the star ratings that will appear at the top of every text and photo review
Font color: Change the color of review font to best fit your store theme
Widget color: Choose the color for the internal portion of the widget to make your reviews more eye-catching
Widget background color: Change the review widget background color to match your brand style

Note: You can reset to default any time.
👉 Show country flag : Determine to show or hide the country flag in the review content. Simple tick the checkbox to show reviewer country flag.

In case you have any doubts with respect to customization, our support team would be happy to assist you
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