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Catch Prospects’ Eyes by Sharing Customer Reviews on Social Media

The buzz for social networking sites is at its peak these days because they not only give an amazing opportunity to make friends globally but also enable businesses to acquire new customers.

Given the fact that Facebook and Twitter have the largest user base as compared to other platforms, Automizely Reviews let Shopify merchants share customer reviews on these social media sites for strengthened brand credibility and easier customer acquisition.

Barring these two social media giants, we will add more sharing options in the near future. However, if you want some specific one, let our chat support team know about it ✌️

➡️ Steps to share customer reviews on social media

Note that bulk sharing cannot be done, so make sure you keep a close eye on every new review and share the worthy ones immediately :)
Scenario 1: Sharing reviews randomly

Go to the 'Manage reviews' section of your Automizely Reviews account

Click on the 1st option: 'All reviews' > Select the review you want to share

Tap on the share button and choose the social media platform

Enter your login credentials and then add all the required information like description, hashtags, etc. for sharing reviews aptly

Scenario 2: Sharing reviews of particular products

Navigate the 'Manage reviews' section of your Automizely Reviews account > Choose the 2nd option: 'All products'

Select the product for which you want to share reviews

Hit the share button and repeat the rest of the process mentioned for Scenario 1

Scenario 3: Sharing directly from received email notifications

Besides enabling you to import reviews via AliExpress and CSV files, Automizely Reviews lets you collect customer feedback directly from your Shopify store by adding a 'Write a review' button. Also, notifies you via an email whenever your products get a new review.

Well, if the newly received review is worthy of being shared on social media, you can do it instantly by using the 'Sharing' options of our email notifications.

🤔 Can shoppers share their reviews on social media as well?

Yes, our review request emails give buyers a chance to share their shopping experience on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, they will have to give their feedback first to access the sharing options.

In case you haven't used the review request email feature yet, make a move now. For help, check out this help article.

In case you have any doubts on review sharing, please feel free to chat with our support team

Updated on: 01/12/2021

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