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Access Review Request Email History With Automizely Reviews

Keeping a tab on factors like email deliverability, email open rate, click-through rate, etc., is important to learn how well customers receive your brand message.

Automizely Reviews shows review request email history so that you gather maximum customer feedback. It helps you gain valuable insights, which further aids in improving the quality of products.

Please ensure that you're on the right plan because your emails won't be triggered if your email quota has already been exhausted. However, your saved emails will be in our system for 30 days before being removed permanently. Click here to check that you're using a plan that suits your business needs 😄

How can I access the review request email history, and what kind of data it offers?

Accessing review request email history is just like having a walk in the park because its process needs you to follow two easy steps, such as:

Go to the ‘Review request emails’ tab of your Automizely Reviews account and click on it
‘Email history’ will appear as a second option. Tap on it to have a clear picture of how well your reviews request emails are performing

Yes, it’s that easy!

The data you get in ‘Email history’ is well segregated and detailed, which helps you understand your actual rate of collecting customer reviews. Although every section is self-explanatory, yet we would like to give you a small brief about them

Emails sent: It depicts the total number of sent emails

Opened: It sheds light on the email open rate, i.e., the percentage of customers, who has opened your review request emails

Clicked: It signifies the percentage of customers, who have clicked on the ‘Write a review’ button to share their feedback

Left reviews: It shows the number of emails that led to one or more reviews

Are there any key points that I should know regarding Scheduled and Sent tabs?

Yes, there are a few key details that you should remember to keep enjoying the benefits of review request emails:

➡️ Scheduled Tab:

Once you enable the review request email feature, we will automatically schedule emails for all the new orders based on your settings

This tab is only meant to display scheduled emails. It means this tab will get cleared automatically as soon as each review request email is sent

In case you disable the review request email feature, emails present in the scheduled tab will automatically get cleared at once

➡️ Sent Tab:

Once a review request email gets triggered, it will disappear from the Scheduled Tab but won’t show up in the ‘Sent Tab’ immediately. The reason being is both sent and performance data need time to show accurate results.

Note: Data updation happens every day at 2:00 a.m. UTC
In the ‘Sent Tab,’ the status field changes to 5 states — ‘Delivered,’ ‘Opened,’ ‘Clicked,’ ‘Left reviews,’ and ‘Error.’

In case the status field changes to an ‘Error’ state, there must be something wrong with the email. In this scenario, you should check your email settings to tie up loose ends. However, if you are struggling to identify the issue, connect with our diligent chat support team working round-the-clock to rectify such problems 👍

Updated on: 28/03/2022

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